Схема генератора perkins 2871a306

схема генератора perkins 2871a306
You may also need some spacers or washers to ensure the pulleys line up perfectly. In most cases though, if you have carefully selected the correct alternator, it should be a straight fit with few complications. Often you will have to find a longer mounting bolt than the original one. It is customary to use high-tensile steel for these bolts. Advanced programming options, troubleshooting and maintenance Many regulators offer advanced programming options apart from the basic ones for different types of battery. It is possible to detune and alternator that is too powerful by adjusting the software. The battery temperature sensor modifies the output of the alternator depending on battery temperature; a higher voltage for cooler batteries and vice versa. The standard spacing between the feet is 3.15, this is also known as a Yanmar mount.

The photo below shows the Balmar Belt Buddy adjustment arm with tensioning device. Choosing your regulator Most high power alternators are designed to be used with an external regulator. An external regulator enhances the alternators performance by allowing the user to make adjustments to compensate for battery type, temperature and other important operational parameters. You may also find double belts or a serpentine belt.

You need to start with an appropriate voltage, case size and mounting foot. Choosing your alternator Now that you have thoroughly examined what you currently have you are ready to select an alternator. Arguably, there is no more worthwhile electrical project you can undertake on your boat to improve comfort and convenience than the installation of a high power alternator. Will the adjustment arm fit the way the old one did? This can normally go to whatever wire in the old installation was energized whenever the engine was running.

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