Porsche 356 схема

porsche 356 схема
Number 22 became the legendary Auto Union Grand Prix racing car and the Type 60 was the Volkswagen. Some dreams are difficult to capture in words because they have such long names. Like its cousin, the Volkswagen Beetle (which Ferdinand Porsche Sr. had designed), the 356 is a four-cylinder, air-cooled, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive car with unitized pan and body construction. The 918 already has a legendary predecessor in the 550 Spyder from 1953. Targa (e.g. 911 Targa 4) The 911 Targa is an open version of the 911, characterised by its distinctive roll-over protection bar and its fixed roof section. According to its Certificate of Authenticity, this lovely example left the factory on 20 October 1964 and was finished in Ruby Red over black leatherette with a black German canvas folding top.

Все это дает автомобилю неудержимую мощь в 296 л.с. Двигатель очень здорово крутится до 7.300 об/мин. И звук его остается приятен. После окончания войны он не мог из-за своего довоенного и военного прошлого не попасть в категорию неблагонадежных. В 1947 году, отсидев 22 месяца в заключении — отработав на заводе Renault простым конструктором, — профессор возвращается в Австрию. По пути домой Порше побывал в Штудтгарте. The car sold through the intermediary Autogerma, in Bologna, to its first owner, Giovanni Battista Parodi, of Via G. Nazzini 18, in Alessandria. Этим словом можно охарактеризовать Porsche 911. Этот автомобиль предназначен для ОДНОГО человека. The car was also later driven by Formula One World Champion Phil Hill. However, an unexpected problem arose: the company Peugeot stated that they had been using three-digit numbers with a zero in the middle since 1929 and therefore owned the legal rights to all similar number sequences in France.

Engineering innovations continued during the years of manufacture, contributing to its motorsports success and popularity. Car cover Price Inquire Location Availability No Longer Available See more Porsches for sale on . 4 Comments | Leave a Reply. Porsche later used this suffix for the most powerful engine versions, such as the 356 A 1500 GS Carrera or the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. However, Carrera has almost become established as a synonym for the 911 model series. Turbo (e.g. Cayenne Turbo) These models have an engine with exhaust gas turbocharger, which produces a powerful boost in performance. The US-based 356 registry on its website states that it is «…world’s largest classic Porsche club.» Motorsport[edit] The Porsche 356, close to stock or highly modified, has enjoyed much success in rallying and car racing events. The car on offer is a genuine Carrera 2 with 2000 GS engine.

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