Pioneer vsx-821 схема фото

pioneer vsx-821 схема фото
Unleash your Smartphone’s Music with Bluetooth® The VSX-1021-K is fully ready for wireless connectivity with Bluetooth audio from your iPhone®, Blackberry®, or Android® smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled sources like laptops. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via Ethernet, and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple device or networked computer. With DLNA 1.5 certification, a whole new level of entertainment options are at your fingertips. PerformanceThe VSX-821’s overall audio performance was more than acceptable, and it handled relatively high volume levels well.

The rear panel is laid out well and is less cluttered than pricier AVRs with more features and channels. Using the optional AS-BT200 or AS-BT100 Bluetooth adapter, you can pair the VSX-821 with a variety of Bluetooth devices, such as headphones and portable media players. Ultimate Sound Control With 7 channel power, the audio experience has never been clearer or more realistically reproduced. You can enjoy music with iTunes® album art, share videos and movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, web content such as YouTube® and much more.

Even though it serves as the «brain» of your home’s 5.1 channel home theater setup, the VSX-821 isn’t exactly rocket science. It doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that some of today’s receivers have. Adjust volume by rotating the dial with your fingers and the Receiver’s actual volume level is displayed above. The remote won’t take long to learn, though some of the buttons are quite small, such as the tiny Setup button. All functions are shown on your receiver’s display as they change. That said, it was easy to make our way around the iPod menu and the music sounded sharp and powerful (in a good way). If you prefer to store all of your music on a cell phone, you’re in luck. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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